Double Helix Healing


A Unique Healing Experience

This is an invitation to engage in a dynamic self-healing process developed during more than 20 years of teaching meditation, relaxation, yoga, and self-healing practices. These techniques stimulate clarity, balance, and integrity.

Transforming obstacles is challenging; a joyful vigor is necessary. We all experience obstacles to full self-expression both internally and externally. However, even the most painful and difficult experiences can become the doorways to a new and vital intimacy with being.

When a healthy body and joyful breath unite, then the clear mind dissolves physical and emotional blockages. The inner spirit emerges and life becomes filled with natural delight.

James L. Gauer, Ph.D.
Consultant Self-healinq

What Is Double Helix Healing?

It is a harmonious flow of visualization, breathing and bodywork rooted in the ancient healing arts of Tibet, and designed to call forth a person’s natural self-healing by integrating mind, breath, and body into a balanced and radiant whole.

What Happens in a Session?

James begins each session with a ten minute ritual of chanting and visualization to establish a healing environment and promote relaxed self-awareness.

Then body unwinding with color visualization and breath awareness enhances deep relaxation.

Specific areas of tension in the body are released through the contemporary healing methods of connective tissue work, Cranial-Sacral Therapy and organ realignment.

Individual attention is given to trauma or physical injury, and realigning psycho-physical balance.

Each session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. Sessions are done weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Introductory sessions and a Ten Session Special Package are available. Please call to schedule an appointment and for fee information.

In this healing program you receive deep tissue bodywork to release physical and mental stress patterns and pain.

Expand into deep relaxation.
Dissolve physical and emotional blockages.
Sharpen mental clarity and visualization.
Awaken joyful vigor in body and breath.
Practice breathing methods for centering.
Develop powerful natural self-healing techniques on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
Learn a simple and natural method for unwinding your body.
Learn to meditate.

What Do People Say ?
“Each time I am blessed with the opportunity to spend a few hours with James, I feel that my health and well-being increase immeasurably. He is unique in his abilities.”
Marilyn Diamond, Author of “Fit for Life”

“Double Helix Treatments give consistent results in my body feeling perfectly integrated and symptom-free; a state in which I feel a clarity of mind and spirit.”
Richard Caruso, Ph.D., Psychologist

“I have sent many patients to James Gauer. My patients and I have been pleased with both the treatment and the results. I personally have benefitted from his wonderful hands.”
David Crotty. D.O.

“More than 35 years after back surgery, I have gained a new flexibility and a softening of scar tissue. Overall, I have an increased awareness of my body and how it reflects my life experience. I recommend Double Helix Healing to anyone.”
Tom McGreevey, Author